Andy Ehmke in Giant Bomb Video Game News: PSN Hacked: What Sony's Security Breach Means To You (And What Comes Next)


Sony confirmed many of our worst fears yesterday afternoon, revealing an outside party had accessed PlayStation Network and gained access to vital personal information about its 77 million registered accounts. The company has not been able to verify whether credit card information was available to the currently unknown hacker or hacker group, but it (still) cannot not rule out the possibility of it, either ...

"There are a number of legal implications, depending on the point-of-view," said Andrew Ehmke, an attorney at Texas-based Haynes and Boone, LLP. "Many states have laws that require notification to individuals if the individuals' information is hacked (and each state's law is slightly different about the how, when, and what of the notification, as well as the effect for failure to notify). Another place that people may look are the terms of use and privacy policy and whether those were complied with by Sony. The true legal implications won't be known until more facts come out about what actually happened."

Excerpted from Giant Bomb Video Game News. To view the full article, click here.

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