Bill Precludes Gun Bans in Workplaces


As of Dec, 31, 2008, the number of individuals with active licenses to carry a concealed handgun in Texas totaled 314,574, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety's Web site. That does not include the people allowed to carry a rifle or shotgun, for which Texas does not require a license.

Why is 314,574 a significant number? It could also be the number of handguns stored on company parking lots across Texas, if the state Legislature passes the proposed guns-at-work law. With the thorny issues surrounding firearms, supporters and opponents of the proposed law could bill the legislation as one of two extremes, borrowing from modern cinema: "The Peacemaker" or "There Will Be Blood."

S.B. 730 would preclude employers from prohibiting transportation or possession of firearms on company property and company parking lots. Essentially, employers will have little say in whether their employees can bring a gun to work if the bill becomes law. The Senate passed the bill on March 25. On May 5, the bill passed out of the House Committee on Public Safety; now, it will go to a full vote in the House.

This an excerpt of an article from Texas Lawyer authored by Matthew Deffebach and Janet Ayyad. For full text, click here.

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