Bob Thibault in Law360: Feds Leave Door Open to Atlantic Drilling with Info Request


The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management launched its latest five-year plan last week with a call for information that encourages input on all potential oil and gas development options, even areas that are currently off limits — a signal that the government could be open to drilling off the Atlantic Coast.

The Interior Department agency is in the very early stages of its 2017-22 oil and gas development program, publishing a request for information in the Federal Register that urges all interested parties to have their say over the next 45 days as to what the drilling plan should look like...

While the government is not endorsing drilling in the Atlantic in any form — at least not yet — Haynes and Boone, LLP counsel and former Texaco Inc. attorney Robert Thibault said it's important to note that the BOEM is open to receiving information on Atlantic drilling.

“This document does not exclude information from any areas off limits,” Thibault said. “It asks for information on everything, and specifically asks for input on whether areas not currently included should be included in new planned lease sales.”

Excerpted from Law360, June 19, 2014. To view full article, click here (subscription required).

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