David Bell in Practical Law Company: Expert Q&A on Employer Ownership of Social Media Accounts


When a company uses social media to support and grow its business, a critical issue for the company to consider is who owns these social media accounts. Is it the employee who maintains the account's password and carries out social media efforts on behalf of the company? Or is it the company who directed or benefitted from the employee's efforts? Several recent cases have highlighted the impact that disputes over social media account ownership and control may have on a company, and the need for companies to anticipate and address this issue. Practical Law reached out to David A. Bell of Haynes and Boone, LLP to discuss the various issues in this developing area of the law.

David is a Trademark partner and chair of the firm's Social Media Practice Group. He counsels clients on emerging technology and branding trends, including social media issues, smart phone applications, and online scams, protects companies' product designs, and represents plaintiffs and defendants in intellectual property and domain name disputes. Additionally, he clears, procures, manages and enforces trademarks for clients with domestic and international portfolios.

Excerpted from the Practical Law Company, July 17, 2013. To view full article, click here (subscription required).

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