David Harper Delivers Moving Closing Argument in ACT Trial


David Harper and his team represented ACT clients in a trial this summer against the owner of a drug house that has wreaked havoc on the neighborhood for 3 decades. Thanks to his expertise and leadership, ACT clients were victorious in shutting down this problem property. Residents now report a feeling of safety they did not have before. We are thankful for David and his willingness to pursue justice for the oppressed.

Below is an excerpt of David’s closing argument:

But what we have seen here today is: moral courage. Doing what is right when it's hard—despite adversity. Doing the right thing when it's inconvenient, or it may take hard work, or it's unpopular, or despite your own personal safety or security.  That's moral courage.

We all know it when we see it and we applaud it. When a young man or young woman steps forward after the terrorists attacked our country and they sign up to serve our military, that's moral courage.

When people stand up and say, you know, this bus or this lunch counter or this school is not going to be separated based upon race, that's moral courage.

And when men and women step forward and say: drug dealers and criminals are not going to run my neighborhood anymore; and, I'm not going to be afraid of that; and, I'm going to step forward and say no more!  That's moral courage.

And that’s what we've seen here.  We're going to protect our families.  We're going to protect our children.  We're going to protect our neighbors.

David Harper
Closing Arguments 
ACT Trial

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