David McCombs Presents at SMU's International Summit on the Law and Business of Video Games


Monsters, Machine Guns and the Law
Texas Lawyer

Southern Methodist University is hosting a seminar it's billing as the International Summit on the Law and Business of Video Games, right here in the backyard of Doom. Panel discussion topics include “The Impact of Today’s Economy on Game Development” and “Games and Legal Issues and Challenges.” I’m not a participant on either of these panels, but I should be. As for the first panel, I believe the state of the gaming economy is strong because blasting Nazis on my couch is the cheapest form of entertainment I’ve got right now. And as for the second one, I’m pretty sure that as long as there’s a guy in Mesquite who comes up with Doom, there’s going to be a need for a lawyer to protect him from some other guy who wants to rip him off. But don’t listen to me. Hear the gospel of gaming from Haynes and Boone partner David McCombs, who’s moderating a panel on gaming litigation on Thursday.

Article excerpted from Texas Lawyer, Tex Parte Blog.

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