Deb Coldwell in Franchise Times: Forum on Franchising Commissions Textbook


The ABA Forum on Franchising is getting into the rare book business - well, rare in the sense that most textbooks aren't a partnership between people who practice in the field and academics.

Deb Coldwell, a Haynes and Boone partner who oversees the ABA Forum's published materials, says there is increasing interest in a standardized, Forum-approved, franchise law textbook.

"There's a need out there because right now all of these professors are trying to use whatever they can," Coldwell says, "papers, articles, cases, but there's not a definitive franchise law school textbook."

Writing a textbook, however, is different than, say, crafting an agreement or filing a complaint.

"The hard thing about writing this is there are not only the 20 chapters, but also there is the side-by-side teachers' manual," Coldwell says. "Both are different types of writing than most franchise lawyers are used to."

Coldwell said publishing educational material is one of the underpinning goals of the ABA Forum on Franchising, and a way to attract young lawyers into the fold. "We think the law school textbook would be where they start (getting interested)" Coldwell says. "If they start developing an interest in franchising in law school, I think we're going to get a young set of law students ready to work."

The first volume of the 800-page book is slated to address domestic franchise law only. Coldwell hopes to unveil it at the October 2011 ABA Forum on Franchising in Baltimore.

Excerpted from Franchise Times, May 2011.

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