Tamara Devitt in HR Magazine: 4 Tips for Allowing Nonexempt Employees to Telecommute


It is widely believed that nonexempt employees shouldn’t be allowed to telecommute because of the fear that nonexempt telecommuters will work overtime...

While micromanaging nonexempt telecommuters shouldn’t be necessary, “demanding accurate time-keeping of remote workers is a must,” Tamara Devitt, an attorney with Haynes and Boone in Costa Mesa, Calif., and Palo Alto, Calif., told SHRM Online.

“An employer should audit employee time records regularly to confirm compliance and accuracy and ensure employees are routinely verifying the accuracy of the records,” she said...

Other considerations regarding telecommuting  include workers’ compensation and trade secrets. “Employers should also have clear policies regarding timely reporting of workers’ compensation injuries, as well as policies to protect the company’s trade secrets and confidential information,” Devitt explained. 

Excerpted from HR Magazine. To read the full article, click here.

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