Gavin D. George in the Dallas Business Journal: Game on: Entrepreneur Paul Bettner Ready for Next Play


Nearly five years after he helped create one of the most popular mobile computer games ever, Paul Bettner is looking to ride what he believes will be the next big wave.

One of three founders of the one-time McKinney studio Newtoy Inc., maker of the Words With Friends franchise, Bettner has launched a new company called Verse Inc., which is creating games for a new console called Ouya...

Verse officials say they’re willing to talk to institutional investors, but add that for now at least, the money people most likely to be onboard with their ideas of control and structure of Verse are wealthy individuals.

With a few exceptions, the venture capital model historically hasn’t played well in the gaming industry, according to Gavin George, a Dallas-based associate at the law firm Haynes and Boone, LLP who is not affiliated with Verse.

“The time lines are all wrong,” George said. “You go into a game, and you have two years of work for a AAA title. Then, two months after the release, all the money comes in. Then you either have another project, or the studio disbands. It’s a very project-based, one-time-only type of industry.”

Excerpted from the Dallas Business Journal, April 4, 2013. To view full article, click here (subscription required).


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