Benefits Changes Follow Same-Sex Couples Down the Aisle


When annual enrollment time rolls around later this year, employees will likely see a significant change in their benefit options, thanks to the new Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. Many companies are expected to eliminate their domestic partner benefits, a perk initially designed to make it easier for employees to obtain health insurance and other benefits for their same-sex partners...

Now that everyone can legally marry, however, many companies don't see a need to continue to offer the benefits that their gay and lesbian employees requested in the years same-sex marriage was prohibited, said Jesse Gelsomini, an employment lawyer with Haynes and Boone in Houston.

For many employers, that's good news because it's easier to run one benefit program for everyone rather than two separate programs, said Gelsomini, who said clients are already asking for advice on whether they can drop their domestic partner benefit option. And it will mean the end of collecting affidavits from employees to prove they're in a "committed and caring relationship" in order to sign their spouses up for health insurance.

Excerpted from The Houston Chronicle. To view full article, click here.

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