George Bramblett Assesses Effects of Caperton v. Massey Coal Co. on Texas Campaign Finance Laws


Texas' Campaign Finance Laws Could Mute Caperton's Impact
Texas Lawyer

In a landmark ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court found that due process can require a state judge to recuse himself when a party in a case before him had "significant or disproportionate" influence on placing the judge on the court through an outsized campaign donation.

But while millions of dollars flow into Texas judicial campaigns each election cycle, several current and former judges question whether the June 8 opinion in Caperton v. Massey Coal Co. will result in any recusals of judges who abide byTexas' strict campaign-finance laws.

Caperton likely won't change how litigants, firms and special interest groups donate to judicial campaigns, several politically active lawyers say.

"Because we set up these limits on how much firms and others contribute, those limits constitute reasonable standards," says George Bramblett, a partner in the Dallas office of Haynes and Boone who oversees his firm's donations to judicial candidates. "And if you stick to those guidelines, I don't think anything changes."

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