Haynes and Boone, BigTex Firms' Acceptance Rates Hold Steady


In the midst of an economic crisis that appears to be worsening, BigTex firms are tallying up the number of 2008 summer associates — current third-year law students — who have agreed to join the firms as first-year associates in the fall of 2009 and finding an acceptance rate that has not changed much from recent years.

Thirty-four summer associates accepted full-time associate positions for 2009 with Dallas-based Haynes and Boone, says recruiting manager Amanda Kelly. That's an acceptance rate of 67 percent for the firm, which employs 510 attorneys firmwide and 437 in Texas. The firm offered jobs to 51 of its 57 Texas summer associates. Kelly notes that one of the summer associates has accepted a judicial clerkship, so that person may join the firm in 2010, but they do not now include that student in the firm's acceptance rate for 2009 jobs.

Kelly says the acceptance rate is slightly higher than it has been in recent years, but she does not believe the difference is significant or driven by the uncertain economy. "Next year it will be interesting to see if the economy affects acceptances," she says. "This year it did not affect us."

Excerpted from Texas Lawyer.  For full text click here.

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