Haynes and Boone Partner Jeff Civins Quoted in The Texas Tribune: Court Thwarts Sierra Club's Hazardous Waste Challenge


A state appeals court has thwarted a challenge to a hazardous waste disposal site in West Texas – a ruling that signals growing difficulties for those trying to scrutinize the decisions of Texas environmental regulators…

In an emailed statement, the TCEQ said it was “very pleased” with the court’s decision, and that the agency takes seriously "its obligations to uphold the law — as was done in this case.” …

“Texas is one of just a few states that allow the public to request contested-case hearings, said Jeff Civins, an Austin-based attorney who has represented companies in such hearings. In most states, citizens are invited only to submit comments to regulators ahead of a vote.

Civins said it makes sense that regulators determine who should get a hearing, because they are the ones ultimately ruling on the permits and because the process eats up a lot of resources. The process can take up to a year and cost up to $1 million a project, he said.”

Excerpted from The Texas Tribune, April 16, 2014. To read the full article, click here.


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