Haynes and Boone Wins $66 Million Verdict Against Fed Ex for Defunct Airline


When the Indianapolis federal court jury reported that they'd reached a verdict after only three hours of deliberation, Kenneth Broughton of Haynes and Boone was a bit worried. He'd represented the defunct airline ATA in a five-day breach of contract trial against Federal Express, and figured three hours was hardly enough time for the jury to look at ATA's damages calculations.

Broughton needn't have been concerned. On Tuesday afternoon, the jury found for ATA--and awarded the airline all it asked for: $65.9 million in lost profits. Jurors also rejected a small counterclaim by FedEx. "It was all good," Broughton told us.

Haynes and Boone took on the case through its handling of ATA's Chapter 11. The Haynes and Boone trial team, in addition to Broughton, included Tom Kurth, Alan Wright, Pat Casey, Francisco Rivero, and Sean O'Neill.

Excerpted from The American Lawyer, October 20, 2010. To read the full article, click here (subscription required).

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