Tom Heather in CNN Expansion: Puma Energy Among First Gas Imports


The Secretariat of Energy (SENER) granted 42 permits to import petrol and diesel for April 25th, which are 10 more permits, since the first announcement made earlier this month.

The volume in liters quadrupled with the five permits that were approved in recent days, highlighting Puma Energy, which will bring 14.934 million liters of automotive fuel by 2017. This represents by itself 65% of the total amount of permits issued so far...

These first permits granted by the Secretariat of Energy to import gasoline privately, representing up to 11.5% of the national consumption, will last for one year, which shows that companies, come to study the field before launching into more ambitious projects, considered Thomas E. Heather, Counsel of the law firm, Haynes and Boone Mexico.

"The interesting thing about April permits is that all are valid for one year. That tells us, they are probably not meeting the two requirements to have a more extended supply contract form for 20 years," said the law firm expert that advises companies that want to enter the Mexican market.

Excerpted from CNN Expansion. To read the full article (Spanish), please click here.

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