Houston Lawyer Profiles Lynne Liberato’s Hurricane Relief Work


In an article written by Haynes and Boone, LLP Partner Polly Fohn, The Houston Lawyer featured Partner Lynne Liberato’s ongoing efforts as head of the United Way’s Hurricane Harvey Recovery Taskforce.

The taskforce will oversee the allocation of $44 million raised through the United Way for Harvey victims.

The following is an excerpt of the article, which ran in The Houston Lawyer’s final issue of 2017:

Lynne Liberato again has been called on to use an expertise she wishes she did not have. This expertise began when she chaired the United Way’s recovery efforts following Tropical Storm Allison and then developed after chairing the recovery taskforces for hurricanes Katrina and Ike. So, before the rains stopped, Lynne found herself agreeing to chair the United Way’s Hurricane Harvey Recovery Taskforce.

“When United Way’s Linda O’Black contacted me to ask if I would head the taskforce, I was watching television and seeing Houstonians rescue their neighbors from flood waters,” explained Lynne. “I was so moved by the generosity of people in our community—really heroism—and the tragedy that our neighbors were enduring, there was no way I could say ‘no.’”

A long-time volunteer for United Way (and appellate partner at Haynes and Boone), she will tell you that her passion for the work of the United Way comes from her deep knowledge of the work of the United Way. She has served as the chair of the board of directors, the head of the community campaign, and the chair of the fund allocation committee.

“No organization is better than our United Way in addressing the needs of people recovering from disasters,” she said. ... 

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