James Braddock on NPR Austin: Texas Fights Against Federal Greenhouse Gas Regulations


Texas Fights EPA on Air Regulations
NPR Austin 

The Texas fight against federal greenhouse gas regulations moved to Capitol Hill Wednesday, where the state’s attorney general testified before a House committee.

As Congress grilled the EPA administrator on the new rules, lawyers and energy experts were in Austin discussing how the battle over greenhouse gases will play out.

Some say Texas will cave. At least environmental lawyer James Braddock thinks so. He told conference participants the Texas vs. EPA episode played out before in the late 70s and 80s over ozone and other rules. And in the end, the state complied.

“The idea that there’s a fight between Texas and the EPA over what air quality requirements have to be put in play, that’s not that unusual,” Braddock said.

But Texas could get its way if Congress does. Bills have been introduced to limit the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases or at least stop them for two years in order to work on climate change legislation.

The first greenhouse gas permit for the southern region will go to a Louisiana company. Some say the more permits roll out, the stronger greenhouse regulations will stand.

Excerpted from www.KUT.org. Click here to listen to the audio.

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