Jason Habinsky in Human Resource Executive Online: The Push for Mandatory Paid-Sick Leave


On April 1, New York took its place on the growing list of cities that have implemented mandatory paid sick leave laws.

Under the new ordinance, Big Apple businesses with 20 or more employees must offer at least five paid sick days to employees, or else be subjected to fines. Smaller businesses must provide five unpaid sick days.

The law also provides these workers with a legal right to a minimum amount of sick time for personal or family care that an employer cannot reduce or withdraw, and expands the list of relatives for whom sick time can be taken to include grandparents, grandchildren and siblings...

"A combination of factors" seems to be behind the groundswell of support for mandatory paid sick leave legislation, says Jason Habinsky, a New York-based partner with international corporate law firm Haynes and Boone, LLP.

"Some proponents look at mandatory paid sick leave as a public health initiative, targeted at preventing the spread of illnesses in the workplace by employees who are sick or have an ill family member but are afraid to lose a day of pay," says Habinsky. "Other supporters are motivated by fairness and equality, believing that all employees should have the ability to care for themselves and their families during illness, regardless of their income."

Excerpted from Human Resource Executive Online, April 8, 2014. To view full article, click here.


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