Jesse Gelsomini in the Houston Chronicle: Short-Term Disability Exclusion Can Hurt Vets


If you're covered under a short-term disability benefit plan, chances are it includes a provision that the policy doesn't cover disabilities stemming from war.

With thousands of veterans now coming back to work with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries, will these plans provide the needed financial cushion when a veteran is laid up...

It's a gray area, said Jesse Gelsomini, an employment lawyer who specializes in employee benefit issues for Haynes and Boone, LLP in Houston. Part of his job includes drafting the policies for his clients that self-insure their disability plans. He was not involved in Watt's case. 

Companies can't use the exclusion to avoid paying for benefits by citing military service from years earlier, said Gelsomini, who used an example of an employee who was driving too fast and crashed.

Excerpted from the Houston Chronicle, December 11, 2014. To view full article, click here.

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