Jesse Gelsomini in the Houston Chronicle: Sixel - Medical mileage can pay off


Nearly every year I spend hours searching the house for missing medical receipts, prescription drug bills and other expenses I can submit for reimbursement from our flexible spending account...

If only I had known that we could have filed for mileage getting to and from those medical appointments. And that we could have submitted the parking fees, which at some medical providers can cost more than the medical co-pay. We could have found hundreds of dollars in reimbursable medical expenses without having to go through a single book or paw through the junk drawer.

It turns out that the Internal Revenue Service allows flexible spending account participants to claim several common but little-known expenses. An hour or two with a pencil, paper and calculator might yield a few hundred dollars in reimbursable expenses that you never knew you had.

"A lot of people don't know it, but it can add up pretty quickly," said Jesse Gelsomini, an employment lawyer who specializes in employee benefits at Haynes and Boone in Houston. "You can put some real change back in your pocket."

Excerpt from the Houston Chronicle, Jan. 11, 2012. To view the full article, click here.

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