Laura O'Donnell in the Daily Beast: Unpaid Internships on ‘Black Swan’ Violated the Law. So Are They Dead?


Is the unpaid internship dead?

That’s what corporate CEOs and employment law attorneys were trying to figure out Wednesday after a U.S. district court judge ruled that Fox Searchlight Pictures had violated the law by not paying interns who worked on the film Black Swan...

Laura O’Donnell, a San Antonio lawyer who has written extensively about interns and employment law, said that going forward companies will likely try to hire interns in consultation with colleges and universities to ensure their compliance with the law.

“Big employers are going to look at their internship programs a lot more closely, and a lot of them will go by the wayside,” she said. “Ones that are really tied to a university, where there is a syllabus and it is closely supervised, I think those will continue and they should. There is a genuine value to students to be able to do that. But so often employers can become complacent about these types of abuses. Everybody does it, and because everybody does it, everything is OK.”

Excerpted from the Daily Beast, June 13, 2013. To view full article, click here.

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