Lynne Liberato Discusses Women's Roles in the Energy Industry


Last week, we joined over 600 women at the Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy and Technology in Houston, Texas. The Houston Chronicle printed that this is “one of the largest energy conferences in the world dedicated to exploring women’s roles in the male-dominated industry.” Not only did female executives speak on topics titled “How do you stand out in a Male Dominated Industry” and “Having Presence: Being Heard in a Room Full of Men," but also on subjects related to energy and gas.

Among the many attributes suggested as core qualities women must possess to succeed in the energy industry – five common themes emerged. These themes include communications and technical skills ... and adaptability and resilience. But ultimately, most respondents suggest that confidence is the most important indicator of success.

... And since confidence is key, Lynne Liberato, partner at Haynes and Boone, LLP, made a striking comment that it’s time for women to stand up for what they want. Liberato also said when communicating via email women tend to convey an “I think” message which diminishes the point of view. Instead women should be assertive and communicate that “we should.” “In other words,” she said, “purge the 'I think'.”

Excerpted from Gelb Consulting's "Growing Smarter" blog.

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