Lynne Liberato in Texas Lawyer: Republicans, Democrats Agree in Unusual Brief


Usually there's little room for bipartisan agreement on any issue that comes before the Texas Supreme Court—and almost none at the polarized State Capitol building located across the street.

And that's why Lynne Liberato was so shocked at a recent amicus brief supporting her client's position in a case currently pending before the high court. That's because the brief was filed jointly by leaders in both the Democratic and Republican parties.

"Isn't it amazing?" Liberato said with a laugh at the mere prospect of a bipartisan amicus brief. "You know, they said it couldn't be done, and we did it!''

On March 25, Liberato argued to the high court that her client, the Greater Houston Partnership, should not be labeled as a "governmental body" for its limited use of taxpayer money. That designation exposes the chamber of commerce group to public disclosure requirements under the Texas Public Information Act, which is aimed at making sure that municipal, county and state government organizations operate openly.

Excerpted from Texas Lawyer. To read the full article, click here (subscription required).

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