Lynne Liberato in the Austin Business Journal: Technology and Lawyers


The Texas Supreme court, generally regarded as one of the most technologically advanced courts in the nation, may have an allegedly malfunctioning dryer to thank for its cutting-edge procedures.

In 2009, when electronic documents were beginning to take hold in courtrooms across the state, lawyer Lynne Liberato filed a striking high-tech brief in the case of Whirlpool v. Camacho. Liberato used hyperlinks to draw from other arguments and an animated diagram to explain how a dryer at the center of the case allegedly malfunctioned.

The presentation made a big impression, said local lawyer Don Cruse of the Law Office of Don Cruse, who has given talks on the technology of practicing law.

Excerpted from the Austin Business Journal, May 23, 2013. To view full article, click here (subscription required).

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