Mark Trachtenberg in the Associated Press: Lawsuits Put Texas School Finance System on Trial


Attorneys representing around 600 school districts argued Monday that Texas' school financing system is so "hopelessly broken" that it violates the state Constitution while keeping students from being prepared for the well-paying jobs of tomorrow.

The state countered that, even though the system is flawed, it's nowhere near a crisis point.

Six lawsuits have been filed on behalf of about two-thirds of school districts, which educate about 75 percent of the state's roughly 5 million students. They have been rolled into a single case which opened before state District Judge John Dietz in Austin. The trial is expected to last into January...

Mark Trachtenberg, arguing on behalf of mostly property-wealthy districts, noted the state's growing Hispanic population now means roughly one in five students requires extra instruction in English.

"This is not a future crisis," he said, "it is a present crisis." 

Excerpted from the Associated Press, October 23, 2012. To view full article, click here.

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