Mark Trachtenberg in the Houston Chronicle: Judge Might Reopen School Finance Case


A judge who previously ruled Texas' public school finance system unconstitutional may reopen the case to consider the impact of subsequent legislative action, including an infusion of money and a cutback in some requirements.

State District Judge John Dietz on Wednesday indicated he's willing to have a hearing if there's substantial agreement to do so among the parties, after a lawyer for higher-wealth school districts asked him to reopen it and a state lawyer said a hearing would be in order...

Mark Trachtenberg, a lawyer for property-wealth school districts, said Wednesday he would like the case reopened to ensure the Supreme Court has an up-to-date record.

Trachtenberg said while the Legislature's action was a step in the right direction, he still expects the districts to prevail, citing his group's adequacy and tax claims.

Excerpted from the Houston Chronicle, June 10, 2013. To view full article, click here.

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