Mark Trachtenberg in the State Column: Texas School Districts Ask Judge to Overturn Funding System


Attorneys for more than 600 school districts urged a state judge Tuesday to once again overturn the way Texas schools are funded, arguing that the legislature has not fixed what remains an unconstitutionally inadequate and unfair system.

The school district lawyers argued that despite the injection of more than $3 billion into the Texas school system, classrooms are still woefully underfunded and that nothing has been done to fix the fundamental unequal treatment of students in rich and poor regions of the state...

And even with the testing changes, there are still 338,000 high school students who likely will not graduate, according to Mark Trachtenberg, who represents some 88 school districts.

“Texas schools still have low and stagnant test scores,” Trachtenberg said. blaming inadequate state funding for remedial classes to help low-achieving students.

Excerpted from the State Column, January 27, 2014. To view full article, click here (subscription required).

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