Mark Trachtenberg Speaks with KERA: Hundreds Of School Districts Sue Texas Over Funding


Texas school districts are reeling after lawmakers cut $4 billion from the education budget earlier this year. Some, like Cedar Hill, tried making up the loss with a tax. Hundreds of other districts are now preparing to sue the state like they did a decade ago, to restore funding...

Another group of at least 40 school districts expects to file suit after Thanksgiving. Attorney Mark Trachtenberg represents them. He won the 2005 case that led to the current school funding formula. He says this year's legislative funding cuts are unconstitutional.

Mark Trachtenberg: When you take $4 billion out of the foundation school program and you take an additional $1.4 billion out of programs like Pre-K and dropout prevention and after-school programming targeted at kids that need the most help, there's no question the legislative actions had a serious, harmful effect on public education in Texas.

Excerpt from KERA, Nov. 17, 2011. To view the full article, click here.


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