Eduardo Marquez in Empressarios AEM: Eduardo Márquez, President of AEM Jóvenes Dallas-Fort Worth


Eduardo Márquez is a young man who understands the value of effort and sacrifice in work, “Thanks to my dad’s example,” as he says. He considers himself a hardworking individual who constantly demands the best version of himself, both personally and professionally...

How was the process to become the president of AEM Jóvenes Dallas-Fort Worth?

AEM Dallas-Fort Worth (AEM DFW) didn’t have a young entrepreneurs’ chapter. After talking with the members of the board, I presented them the proposal of having a Jóvenes chapter to strengthen young individuals’ human capital in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. With the unconditional support from John Williams, president of AEM DFW, and my colleagues Isauro Reyna, Adrián Perez, Juan Jaime Garza, Eleazar Garza, Luis Octavio Barraza, Ricardo Doddoli, David Williams, Carlos Marron, Montserrat Capos; and later Alex de la Torre, Carlos Farah, Briana Prieto, Ivanna Vlasich, Fernanda Chavira, Arturo Stevenson, Omar Salomonh, Claudia Murguía, Karina Corral, Normando Mariscal and Francisco Álvarez, we created AEM Jóvenes Dallas-Fort Worth.

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