Purvi Patel in Managing IP: Interview: INTA Annual Meeting Co-Chairs Joseph Ferretti and Purvi Patel


Technology will be one of the key themes of this year’s Annual Meeting in response to a high demand for information about gTLDs, social media and trademark protection in the cloud.

Fluid trademarks, such as the ever-changing GOOGLE logo on the search engine’s homepage, have also been identified as a topic that has attracted the interest of IP practitioners in recent years, following technological advances. While fluid trademarks can be used to keep a brand’s image fresh, they can create risks including trademark dilution or cancellation...

Plain packaging, corporate social responsibility and luxury brands are also among the subjects identified by the Annual Meeting Project Team as being hot topics for this year’s event. “As consumers are becoming more socially aware, their expectation is that products are environmentally sound,” says Purvi Patel, Annual Meeting co-chair and chair of Haynes and Boone’s Trademark Practice Group. “I think a lot of companies are recognizing that there is a definite brand value to that, too.”

Patel says the team began identifying key topics to be covered in the sessions two years ago. Team members tried to strike a balance between new issues that IP practitioners would be likely to need more information about, such as gTLDs, and more traditional subjects, such as the differences between IP law in various jurisdictions.

Excerpted from Managing IP, May 6, 2013. To view full article, click here.

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