Kent Rutter in The Appellate Advocate: Results of the 2015 Judicial Survey


In 2009, members of the State Bar of Texas Appellate Section disseminated a survey to all Texas Supreme Court and Texas intermediate ppellate court justices. Eighty-nine (89) percent of Texas appellate justices responded.

The survey asked questions regarding various aspects of appellate practice in Texas courts. The aim was to help Texas appellate attorneys conform their briefing, arguments and communications with appellate courts and opposing counsel to the expectations of appellate justices.

Flash forward to 2015. A majority of the justices presently on the Supreme Court of Texas were not on the court when the 2009 survey was disseminated. The same is true of several of our intermediate appellate courts. The continued usefulness of “the survey” depended upon disseminating it once more.

As a result, we distributed a survey containing many of the same questions as 2009, plus additional questions addressing e-briefing, e-filing, e-readers, and other matters that have become important to appellate practice since the first survey was disseminated. This time, 78 percent of Texas appellate justices responded.

Excerpted from The Appellate Advocate. To read the full article, click here

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