Sashe Dimitroff Highlights West Africa as Land of Opportunity for Houston Oil and Gas Companies


Focus on Energy: The Wild West
Excerpted from Houston Business Journal

Daunting to some, West Africa is land of opportunity for many Houston oil and gas companies.

The list of Houston drillers, operators and service companies with a presence in West Africa is large — easily 30-plus, but the security concern is a common refrain. When coupled with other unique aspects of doing business in countries that struggle with poverty and corruption, it can make West Africa daunting to some.

“It is the wild, wild west,” says Sashe Dimitroff, a Houston-based partner with Haynes and Boone LLP who has represented a number of African nations in legal disputes.

“It’s a completely different set of rules, a completely different set of customs, a completely different set of laws,” he says. “For the guys who can do it — having the local distribution channels, being well-advised on what you can and can’t do and how to do it — there’s an awful lot of money to be made.”

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