M.C. Sungaila in Daily Journal: Supreme Court Preview - Los Angeles


Last month five prominent legal minds in the field of appellate law, [including] Mary-Christine (M.C.) Sungaila [and others], met at the Daily Journal's Los Angeles offices to discuss both salient lingering issues from the U.S. Supreme Court's last term, and to preview momentous cases being considered in the term commencing today. The discussion was moderated by DJ Rulings Editor, Brian Cardile...

Justice Kennedy's Obergefell opinion

I think it's also worth pointing out the dissenters', especially Alito's, views about future litigation. Certainly we're starting to see that; those with religious challenges saying it violates my religious freedom and my rights. And I think that's probably an accurate assessment that there will be more of those kind of challenges. Whether they will be successful or not depends on the circumstances, but certainly you can see that happening...

Dart Cherokee and removal

The holding of the case is narrow, and very fact specific, in terms of, 'Do you actually need to produce evidence to show that you're over the removal amount in order to remove something under CAFA?' The common sense answer was 'No, you just need to say that you've met that and then you can remove, and you don't need to attach the evidence to your notice of removal.'

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