Taylor Wilson Talks Hedge Fund Regulation


Texas Already Regulates Hedge Funds
Dallas Morning News 

There are 200 hedge funds in the Dallas area, putting it third behind only New York and San Francisco in the number of hedgies. Most have offices in the Crescent, Preston Center and in Plano.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has been a spawning ground for hedge funds for years because it is home to several wealthy families who prefer to have their money managed privately. For example, several Dallas fund managers previously managed money for the Bass family of Fort Worth.

Politicians and regulators, looking for scapegoats for the nation's financial crisis, often compare hedge fund managers to the Antichrist... Congress aims to do something about all this, namely regulate the bejeebers out of hedge funds. The so-called Hedge Fund Transparency Act, which is actually not very transparent, is expected to pass Congress in the coming months.

So how worried are the local hedgies? Not much. Taylor Wilson, an attorney at the Dallas law firm of Haynes and Boone who deals in these matters, explains that Texas is different from most states in that it already gives the State Securities Board regulatory authority over all hedge funds not regulated by the SEC.

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