Texas Lawbook: Legal Experts: Cyber Security Growing Issue for Lawyers


Secret law firm data and confidential client information are increasingly susceptible to hackers and data breaches, exposing law firms to the loss of trust with their clients and potential litigation against the firm.

Even the American Bar Association is about to consider new ethical rules addressing a lawyer’s responsibility during a cyber attack.

The imperative maintenance of confidential client information and the exponential growth of technology is a perplexing combination for law firms today because it can result in hacking and data breaching, according to panelists at a symposium that the Dallas Haynes and Boone, LLP office hosted Thursday.

The symposium, titled “CyberSecurity in Law Firms – How Real is the Threat?” featured three panelists who spoke to attorneys about the growing threat of law firms’ cyber security: US Attorney Sarah Saldaña; Secret Service Special Agent Steven Bullitt; and Erin Nealy Cox, executive managing director of the international digital risk and data security firm Stroz Friedberg. Haynes and Boone partner Ron Breaux moderated the panel discussion...

Excerpted from Texas Lawbook, July 2, 2012. To view article, click here (subscription required).

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