Tom Kurth on Los Angeles NPR: Fracking Hysteria, Legislation Not Grounded in Science


Haynes and Boone Dallas Partner Tom Kurth, an energy litigator, discussed misconceptions about the natural gas extraction process known as fracking on the Southern California Public Radio program, AirTalk with Larry Mantle. Mr. Kurth was invited to discuss his views with Bob Wieckowski, a Democratic assemblyman from Fremont, CA, who is sponsoring a bill to require disclosure of the chemical composition of fluids being injected into shale formations.

Asked his opinion of the Josh Fox documentary, Gasland, Mr. Kurth responded: "It's a polemic. There's another so-called documentary that came to light recently out of Hollywood and its point is that hydraulic fracturing and gas development operations are going to produce the Mongolian Death Worm. That stacks up along side Michael Moore and Josh Fox. If that's a documentary, then fish fly and pigs fly. It's just not. It's not a scientific analysis. It is a superficial analysis. And even Lisa Jackson, the chairperson of the EPA, said the hallmark of her administration is going to be that science leads in any analysis. Science was forgotten in Josh Fox's documentary."

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