Mark Trachtenberg in The Dallas Morning News: School Districts vs. Texas: Rivals Open Funding Arguments Before High Court


Lawyers for the state told the Texas Supreme Court on Tuesday that public schools have enough money to properly educate their students, while attorneys for more than 600 school districts attacked the funding system as inadequate, unfair and unconstitutional.

The justices listened to nearly three hours of legal arguments on school funding, peppering both sides with questions about the condition of education in Texas and whether the Legislature has failed in its obligation to adequately fund public schools that serve 5.3 million students...

Mark Trachtenberg, who represents a group of higher-wealth districts that includes Frisco, Highland Park, Richardson and Plano, told the court that the state imposed higher standards with the new STAAR test, then lawmakers reduced funding just as it was launched.

The result, he said: “There have been no meaningful improvements on the STAAR test in grades three to eight for four years” — unlike other previous exams where student scores increased annually from the start. “If you’re going to raise standards, you need to provide districts the resources to meet those standards.”

Excerpted from The Dallas Morning News. To read the full article, click here.

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