William Cecil Quoted in Law Society Gazette: Common Values Key to Transatlantic Mergers


Haynes and Boone, LLP London Partner William Cecil was quoted by The Law Society Gazette, the official publication for Solicitors in England and Wales, in a June 4 article on the steps that UK and US firms should take to ensure a successful merger.

Cecil discussed the 2016 merger between Haynes and Boone and Curtis Davis Garrard (CDG). 

Here is an excerpt of the article

Cecil says his experience showed there are ‘far greater cultural differences’ between some law firms in London than between some US and UK law firms. However, he warns that US firms should appreciate that the London office will be ‘subject to a considerable amount of additional regulation than they will be used to’. He adds: ‘That is not something that of course should dissuade a US law firm from opening in London, but they need to appreciate the time and resources required to ensure compliance.’ . . . .

Haynes and Boone CDG encourages all of its UK lawyers to visit the US. Cecil says both firms were keen to ensure that there was a good cultural fit before going ahead with the merger. He adds: ‘Having a similar culture makes the merger and integration process much smoother and the importance of similar firm cultures should not be underestimated. If one of the merger parties needs to significantly change its working practices or culture, then it is probably not a good fit with the other firm in the first place.

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