• Catherine Cope

    “During my two summers with Haynes and Boone (the first as a Minority Scholar), I had the opportunity to work on a variety of meaningful projects in the practice areas that interested me. As a law student primarily interested in transactional work, the summer program allowed me to gain invaluable insight into the daily life of a corporate lawyer. From the excellent mentoring relationships to the quality of corporate work given to me as a summer associate, I had no doubt that Haynes and Boone would be the perfect fit for me.”


  • Sameer Saxena

    “During my summer associate experience, I found that the Haynes and Boone summer associate program had the perfect mix of high-quality work projects and social networking events to meet HB lawyers and get a feel for the firm’s culture. Coming into the program, I wanted to get a sense of what life as an associate at Haynes and Boone would be like, and the summer program provided that and showed me I would be a great fit at the firm.”


  • Matthew Costello

    “Haynes and Boone’s summer associate program is designed to give law students a sense of the day-to-day at the firm. As a summer associate, I got hands-on experience with diverse projects and was assigned a firm mentor who guided me through the program. For me, choosing a firm at which to start my career was a no-brainer; Haynes and Boone really made me feel like I belonged and that they wanted me to succeed.”


  • Andrew Guthrie

    “For me, the summer program was a perfect introduction to the famed Haynes and Boone culture. Even as an under-informed law student, I could tell that Haynes and Boone was full of really good attorneys who also happen to be really good people. I came out of the summer program knowing that Haynes and Boone was the type of place where I could build a satisfying and successful practice with people I like, and that’s exactly how it has turned out.”


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