Executive Counsel/Corporate Counsel M&A Transaction Insurance Webcast


Partner George Wang participates in webcast on M&A Transaction Insurance presented by the Executive Press/TheCorporateCounsel.net webcast.

Dial-in at 1:50 PM Eastern, (888) 811-9134, Conference ID #28439612.


  • Transactional Risk Insurance Overview – When is M&A Insurance Used & Typical R&W Insurance Terms & Conditions
  • What is the Difference Between a Buy Side & Sell Side Policy?
  • Types of Reps & Warranties Insurance Claims
  • State of the Insurance Market
  • Overview of Typical Underwriting Process
  • Negotiating the Policy – payment of policy costs, escrows, indemnity time periods, defense of third party claims, and policy exclusions
  • Tax Indemnity Insurance & Contingent Liability Insurance

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