Unlocking the Mysteries of Federal Court - Houston

1:30 PM - 4:45 PM (CST)
The Houston Club
811 Rusk Street, #700Houston, TX 77002

Recent rule and case law changes have made federal practice a virtual mystery to new lawyers and a challenge even to the most experienced practitioner. West Legalworks and the Rutter Group are honored to present an esteemed panel of distinguished judges and skilled litigators who are true experts of Federal Civil Practice.

 Highlights of this unique program include:
• “Jurisdictional alchemy” – removal, remand and venue change. (Arbaugh v. Y & H Corp. (US SCt 2006); Empire Health Choice v. McVeigh (US SCt 2006))
• Keys to CAFA , PSLRA, ERISA and other federal traps. (Kircher v. Putnam Funds (US SCt 2006); Morgan v. Gay (3rd Cir. 2006))
• Keys to electronic discovery and metadata metaphysics. (Quinby v. WestLB AG (SDNY 2006))
• New rules governing electronic discovery and four new rules of evidence.
• Keys to winning summary judgments — using the FRCP to undo the opponent’s case.
• Keys to oral argument – what works and what doesn’t!
• Hearsay objections – when and how to make them.
• Handling experts – yours and the opponent’s. (Arlington Central School Dist. v. Murphy (US SCt 2006))
• Putting the opponent on defense with Rule 68 offers.
• Mysteries of seeking and resisting attorneys’ fees. (Mr.L v. Sloan (2nd Cir. 2006))

Haynes and Boone partner Felicity Fowler will be speaking at both the Houston and Dallas seminars entitled "Unlocking the Mysteries of Federal Court".  To register and for more information about this event, you may access the brochure at http://UncoveringthmysteriesoftheFederalCourt/brochures.html

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