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Haynes and Boone, LLP is widely recognized for its experience in the agriculture technology (AgTech) industry. Our team has worked with countless agricultural producers, investors and tech companies on projects related to artificial intelligence, big data and predictive analytics, biotech, communications, drones and robotics, farm management, IoT, and satellites in the agricultural and food industries. Further, our team helps clients navigate the corresponding regulatory nuances and environmental impact such as sustainability, energy efficiency, water quality and waste management.

Our cross-disciplinary team has the technical competency that is crucial to navigate new and evolving issues in the AgTech industry on a worldwide basis. Our cross-border experience, in key markets such as China, helps us enable knowledge sharing and promote emerging companies that cultivate advances in AgTech with a strong foundation of support.

AgTech continues to grow at an accelerating rate towards a $240 billion industry by 2050. As the AgTech industry expands to meet the needs of the growing global population, we provide strategic counsel to clients who enhance innovation in food production and security and improve the underlying technologies and operations that advance the future of farming. We facilitate key relationships, identify critical resources, and secure funding sources for these critical businesses. We help our clients, especially emergent startups, connect with markets, financiers and partners. Our team is adept at understanding and working with the following capital sources and other key resources in the AgTech industry, including:

  • Venture capitalists
  • Corporate ventures
  • Angel investors
  • Farmer-backed funds
  • Private equity firms
  • Accelerators/Incubators
  • Universities
  • Governments
  • SBIR
  • USDA

Food, Beverages and AgTech Newsletter

Food, Beverages and AgTech Newsletter
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Food Chain Connect panel by Reuters Events: Roger Royse, corporate partner in Silicon Valley, joined a Reuters panel of experts on November 6 to discuss the topic “Where’s the money needed to improve efficiencies and profits in the food industry? And where’s it actually going?”. The panel included prominent AgTech investors and addressed the current investment landscape for ag and food tech, including growing areas. Other topics of interest included the impact of COVID-19 on investment in the space and which areas were seeing retraction and acceleration, funding for midstream technologies and services and future M&A activity in the sector. The full program is listed at

Autonomous Vehicles in Agriculture webinar: Haynes and Boone presented a webinar entitled Autonomous Vehicles in Agriculture: Farming the Future Webinar on October 13. The panel was moderated by corporate partner Roger Royse (Palo Alto) and included presentations by members of the firm, who discussed developments in AV for farming. IP Partner Gary Edwards (Palo Alto) described the intellectual property issues in autonomous vehicles generally and how they relate to agriculture. Houston partner Matthew Deffebach discussed the issues that autonomous tractors raise under California OSHA through the Division of Occupational Safety and Health and the regulations prohibiting or regulating driverless agricultural machinery. The panel was joined by Igino Cafiero from Bear Flag Robotics who gave the operator’s perspective. More information can be found here.

F50 Global Capital Summit: This is Silicon Valley’s largest international investor conference. Roger Royse will host a fireside chat with keynote speaker and Nobel laureate, Dr. Thomas C. Südhof, Professor, School of Medicine at Stanford University, and also participate on several panels on agtech, food and health related topics.

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