Vehicle Electrification

Advances in electric mobility continue to shape the transportation industry, changing the way we commute and travel. As electric vehicle deployment grows across the globe, companies operating in this space must consider several factors in regard to their business decisions including: corporate structure formation and tax planning, managing project finance, protecting their intellectual property and R&D related to emerging technologies, supply chain management, compliance with environmental laws, and meeting other regulatory requirements in a constantly evolving landscape.

Haynes and Boone’s Vehicle Electrification industry group includes a cross-disciplinary array of engineers and professionals with experience in various of facets of electrification technology, including on-the-ground industry experience in automotive design and manufacture. We have substantive knowledge of power sources, including fuel cells, batteries, and capacitors, propulsion systems including motor and transmission design, power management, body and mechanical structure, steering, regenerative braking, navigation aids, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications, and other EV-related and vehicle technologies. Collectively, our intellectual property department has 35 electrical engineering degrees and 17 mechanical engineering degrees, in addition to experience representing numerous clients across the automotive industry, from vehicle manufacturers to parts suppliers and more.

Selected representative vehicle electrification experience includes:

  • Preparing and prosecuting patents directed to charging stations for electric vehicles, transferring electrical power between the power grid and an electric vehicle, brushless electric motors, and power management including GUIs and regenerative braking.
  • Representing a global automotive manufacturer in patent strategy development and patent prosecution, in connection with the company’s forward looking intelligent vehicle technology.
  • Representing an electric vehicle manufacturer in a variety of corporate matters including securities, business planning, and employee compensation and benefits.
  • Providing patent prosecution and counseling services to an automotive technology company manufacturing electronic materials and components.
  • Representing a company serving the tractor trailer industry in the protection of its hybrid suspension systems and other electrification technology.
  • Negotiating charging station agreements for retailers.

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