Private Antitrust Litigation

We regularly represent clients in federal and state courts in private antitrust litigation, including nationwide class action litigation. These cases are frequently in parallel with governmental criminal investigations, and our strong background in antitrust criminal defense makes our lawyers uniquely effective in defending the parallel private litigation, where criminal repercussions are acute and often overlooked by firms not experienced in both the civil and criminal arenas. We have represented clients in cases involving claims of horizontal price fixing, market allocation, group boycott, resale price maintenance, tying, exclusive dealing, price discrimination, and monopolization. Our practice often involves the intersection of intellectual property rights and antitrust.

Our lawyers have defended companies and senior executives in a wide variety of industries, including energy, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, financial services, insurance, food services, construction, waste disposal, drugs and pharmaceuticals, and technology. We have also represented companies acting as antitrust plaintiffs.

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