Appellate Case Evaluation and Advice

As trial court proceedings come to an end, each side faces critical decisions. Following an adverse result, does it make sense to appeal? Following a victory, does it make sense to settle and prevent an appeal by the other side? Our appellate lawyers help our clients make sound business decisions by offering frank, well-informed assessments of potential appeals. We base our assessments on judgment gained from decades of experience in the appellate courts. We also use a tool that no other firm can offer - an empirical study that we developed and constantly update in which we examine the types of judgments that are most frequently reversed in Texas appellate courts.

By applying this research to specific cases, our appellate lawyers provide data-driven answers to such key questions as the following:

  • How have similar appeals - for example, appeals by products manufacturers, employers, or insureds - fared in the appellate court to which the potential appeal likely will be assigned?
  • How does the type of decision below - for example, a default judgment, a summary judgment, or a jury verdict - affect the odds of appellate success?
  • What types of appellate arguments most often carry the day?
  • How do these and other factors affect the post-judgment settlement value of a case?

When it's time to decide on a post-judgment strategy, Haynes and Boone's appellate lawyers are uniquely qualified to help.

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