Family Law

Haynes and Boone's appellate lawyers don't just handle family law appeals; we also lend our particular experience to trial lawyers, assisting them in complex family law litigation. Our knowledge of procedural and substantive details allows trial counsel to focus on the underlying issues of the family law case. We assist with a wide range of matters including contract construction of pre- and post-marital agreements, construction of divorce settlements and decrees, jurisdictional disputes and summary judgment motions. Both at trial and on appeal, we brief and argue complex issues implicating fundamental rights under the Texas Constitution, the United States Constitution, the Texas Family Code and the body of Uniform Interstate Acts concerning custody and support issues.

In the appellate courts, our lawyers not only prosecute appeals from final judgments, we also handle original proceedings such as mandamus actions, which often arise in connection with jurisdictional issues, and habeas corpus proceedings, which frequently arise in custody suits. We have handled the following issues, among others, in the trial courts and on appeal:

  • Personal and subject matter jurisdiction;
  • Protection of parents' and children's fundamental rights under the Texas and United States constitutions;
  • Challenges to and enforcement of premarital agreements;
  • Challenges to and enforcement of property settlements and divorce decrees;
  • Grandparents' rights of access;
  • Child and spousal support; and
  • Parties' rights arising from in vitro fertilization and other infertility treatments.

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