Technology and Intellectual Property Appeals

The hallmark of Haynes and Boone lawyers is our ability to partner with each other and with outside counsel to secure the best results for our clients. Nowhere is this ability more evident than in the pairing of Haynes and Boone’s appellate lawyers with technology and intellectual property lawyers.

Haynes and Boone’s appellate lawyers are an essential part of a winning team, because the ability to translate complex matters into plain English is the bedrock of success in a suit involving patent, copyright, or trademark infringement issues. Whether drafting petitions for certiorari in the Supreme Court, writing summary judgment motions the judge can understand, or preparing lay-friendly jury charges, Haynes and Boone’s appellate lawyers convert complicated technical principles into clear language that gives our clients the winning edge. Our persuasive abilities were recently recognized by the National Law Journal, which dubbed a petition for writ of certiorari prepared by our appellate lawyers as its "Brief of the Week."

Our persuasive writing on complicated technical and legal issues helps win cases at every stage of the litigation. For example, we recently obtained judgment as a matter of law against the plaintiff on its joint infringement claims in a patent infringement case involving check imaging technology. In another case, we obtained a unanimous jury verdict against the defendant in a trade secrets case involving sensitive engineering drawings. And in the event a technology or intellectual property lawsuit becomes an appeal, Haynes and Boone’s appellate lawyers are poised to take the case.

Here are some examples of the strengths that Haynes and Boone’s appellate lawyers bring to technology and intellectual property cases:

  • We have handled appeals to the Federal Circuit both from the district court and the Patent Office on questions of claim construction, infringement, validity, unenforceability, and willfulness.
  • We have drafted jury charges and appellate briefs in complex copyright infringement and trade secret lawsuits concerning subject matter ranging from software to engineering specifications to literary works.
  • We have challenged venue by mandamus, attacked frivolous suits by non-practicing lawyers, and argued disputed claim terms.
  • With broad exposure in the federal appellate bar, we draw on our extensive experience in federal courts of appeals, including the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.
  • Our appellate lawyers have served on the committee to draft the Federal Circuit Bar Association’s model patent jury charge and the lead appellate committees of the Federal Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

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