Haynes and Boone Statement Condemning Violence Against People of Asian and Pacific Islander Descent

Haynes and Boone is one of the founders of the Law Firm Anti-Racism Alliance (LFAA) and a signatory to the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association’s (NAPABA) “Stand Against Hate” messaging, which denounced racism and issued a call for unity during COVID-19.

Sadly, since the beginning of the pandemic, people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent have been subjected to thousands of documented attacks. And disturbingly, as we have seen this week, with the tragic murders in Atlanta, the intensity and severity of attacks against Asians and Pacific Islanders seems to be growing.

Last April, we engaged in a community-wide discussion about why these attacks may be happening and how they might be addressed (click here to listen to the podcast of this discussion).

Haynes and Boone remains committed to taking a stand against racial intolerance and combatting discrimination of all sorts.  We are recommitting ourselves to these principles and encourage all members of the legal community to do so as well. We stand in solidarity with all  people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent as we continue to do our part to denounce racism.

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