Reneging on a promise? Rejecting demands under advance payment bonds under English law


It is commonplace in construction projects, either off- or on-shore, for an employer to seek protection for any advance payments made to a contractor or for a failure to perform. These will often be i...


Energy and Resources Arbitration: What you need to know about the updated 2020 LCIA International Arbitration Rules


The London Court of International Arbitration (the “LCIA”) has released an update to its international rules of arbitration (the “LCIA Rules”). The updated LCIA Rules come into effect on 1 October 20...


Andreas Dracoulis, Jonathan Morton in Offshore Magazine: COVID-19 and its Impact on Offshore Construction


Partner Andreas Dracoulis and Associate Jonathan Morton authored an article in Offshore Magazine about difficulties supply chain companies are facing due to COVID-19-related delays in offshor...


Andreas Dracoulis and Jonathan Morton Author Article - Wrongful Termination in Good Faith - Reconciling the Authorities in the Context of Force Majeure


In the rush to seek relief under force majeure clauses following the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is likely that some claims were made incorrectly, albeit in good faith. Particular...


New Edition of The Law of Shipbuilding Contracts Published


We are pleased to announce that the fifth edition of “The Law of Shipbuilding Contracts” (first published in 1991) has now been published.


English Law COVID-19 Q&A Series- Drilling Contracts


Does the COVID-19 pandemic (or actions taken to counter the spread of COVID-19) constitute Force Majeure and is there any implied remedy (e.g. implied force majeure relief) arising as a result of the ...


Offshore Contractor’s Guide through the English law issues arising from the latest oil price collapse and COVID-19


Following the recent dramatic fall in the oil price, and now the unprecedented and immense consequences for not only the oil and gas industry but the world economy as a whole resulting from the COVID-...


GAR’s “Guide to Energy Arbitrations”: Offshore Vessel Construction Disputes


Haynes and Boone CDG is proud to continue to feature a chapter in Global Arbitration Review’s (GAR) Guide to Energy Arbitrations, the Third Edition of which has just been published. The


Fiona Cain in Global Banking & Finance Review: When Reasonable Skill and Care is Not Enough


Haynes and Boone, LLP CDG Counsel Fiona Cain writes in Global Banking & Finance Review about a Scottish law case that illustrates the potential costs for contractors of agreeing to perform th...


Glenn Kangisser, Maren Strandevold in LexisNexis: Force Majeure and Reasonable Endeavours


Haynes and Boone, LLP Partner Glenn Kangisser and Associate Maren Strandevold write in LexisNexis on the practical implications of the English High Court judgment in Seadrill Ghana Offsho...

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