Haynes and Boone Attorneys Included in 2007 Super Lawyers


DALLAS – Super Lawyers included 93 Haynes and Boone, LLP attorneys on its 2007 list recognizing top legal talent.  Lawyers from each of Haynes and Boone’s eight U.S. offices were honored.


Civins, Jeff - Environmental

Foster, Sarah B. - Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor


Albergotti, Robert D. - Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor

Amiel, Paul H. - Securities & Corporate

Anigian, Richard D. - Business Litigation

Becker, Jeffrey M. - Intellectual Property

Boone, Michael M. - Mergers & Acquisitions

Brainin, Stacy L. - Criminal Defense: White Collar

Bramblett, Jr., George W. - Business Litigation

Breaux, Ronald W. - Antitrust Litigation

Brown, Randall C. - Intellectual Property

Chu, Wilson - Mergers & Acquisitions

Coldwell, Deborah S. - Franchise/Dealership

Collins, John M. - Estate Planning & Probate

Conner, Terry W. - Banking

Cortell, Nina - Appellate

Cowart, Greta E. - Employee Benefits/ERISA

DeVries, Garrett A. - Mergers & Acquisitions

Fijolek, Richard M. - Tax

Freytag, Sharon N. - Appellate

Harper, David H. - Intellectual Property Litigation

Harris, Jr., Tom D. - Mergers & Acquisitions

Hartmann, Robin P. - Antitrust Litigation

Hays, III, William R. - Securities & Corporate

Hensley, Noel M.B. - Class Action/Mass Torts

Jenkins, Steven R. - Real Estate

Kurth, Thomas E. - Business Litigation

Lowry, C. Bradford - Real Estate

Martin, Jr., Ernest - Insurance Coverage

Mazero, Joyce - Franchise/Dealership

McAtee, II, David R. - Business Litigation

McCombs, David L. - Intellectual Property

McNeil, Barry F. - Antitrust Litigation

Monsour, Trey A. - Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor

Nelson, Karen S. - Banking

Phelan, Robin E. - Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor

Philbin, Phillip B. - Intellectual Property Litigation

Plenge, Charles F. - Employee Benefits/ERISA

Powers, Timothy E. - International

Raines, Jr., C. - Ted Real Estate

Rogers, Kenneth A. - Banking

Samuel, Greg R. - Securities & Corporate

Sharry, Janice V. - Securities & Corporate

Strock, William C. - Employment & Labor

Templin, Donald C. - Business Litigation

Wallace, W. Scott - Mergers & Acquisitions

Wilson, Jonathan C. - Employment & Labor

Wilson, Robert E. - Real Estate

Wilson, Taylor H. - Securities & Corporate

Yang, Thomas H. - Securities & Corporate

Fort Worth

Barnard, Brian D. - Securities & Corporate

Penn, John D. - Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor

Pezanosky, Stephen M. - Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor

Precella, Karen S. - Appellate

Ratliff, III, William D. - Tax

Tilley, Jr., Rice M. - Estate Planning & Probate

Williams, Thomas J. - Business Litigation


Beckham, Jr., Charles A. - Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor

Berner, Arthur S. - Mergers & Acquisitions

Broughton, Jr., Kenneth E. - Business Litigation

Cordell, Thomas D. - Securities Litigation

Einhorn, Theresa A. - Banking

Finder, Lawrence D. - Criminal Defense: White Collar

Flores, Henry - Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor

Fowler, Felicity A. - Employment & Labor

Gelsomini, Jesse J. - Employee Benefits/ERISA

Hughes, Patrick L. - Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor

Ladd, Robert S. -  Real Estate

Levy, Alene R. - Appellate

Liberato, Lynne - Appellate

Mazzone, Michael J. - Civil Litigation Defense

McCaffrey, Thomas J. - Mergers & Acquisitions

Merwin, Bruce W. - Real Estate

Nathan, Arthur M. - Mergers & Acquisitions

Parkins, Lenard M. - Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor

Perry, Stan - Environmental Litigation

Powell, Charles D. - Securities & Corporate

Powell, Michael T. - Business Litigation

Schaner, Dean J. - Employment Litigation

Smith, Alison L. - Business Litigation

Vilardo, Joseph A. - Banking

Welch, Fabené - Energy & Natural Resources

Young, III, George G. - Securities & Corporate

New York

Elkin, Judith - Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor

Kesner, Harvey J. - Securities & Corporate


Drablos, Scott C. - Business/Corporate

Saegert, Ann M. - Real Estate

San Antonio

Allison, Stephen P. - Business Litigation

Jefferson, Lamont A. - Business Litigation

Terry, Eric B. - Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor

Waters, Steven A. - Real Estate

Washington, D.C.

Glaser, Herbert A. - Projects

Wade, James R. - Antitrust Litigation

Haynes and Boone, LLP is an international corporate law firm with offices in Texas, New York, Washington, D.C., Mexico City and Moscow, providing a full spectrum of legal services. With almost 500 attorneys, Haynes and Boone is ranked among the largest law firms in the nation byThe National Law Journal. The firm has been recognized as one of the "Best Corporate Law Firms in America" (Corporate Board Member Magazine, 2001-2007), and as a Top 100 law firm for both diversity (MultiCultural Law Magazine, 2008), and women (Women 3.0, 2008).

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